Seattle Seahawks

Chance of making the playoffs

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  • Upcoming games which matter most to the Seahawks

Week 12Impact on the Seahawks playoff chances
Seahawksvs.CardinalsIf Seahawks win +13.88%If Cardinals win-13.79%
Vikingsvs.PackersIf Vikings win +2.38%If Packers win-2.41%
Redskins@49ersIf Redskins win +2.01%If 49ers win-2.15%
Patriotsvs.LionsIf Patriots win +1.80%If Lions win-1.77%
Titans@EaglesIf Titans win +1.78%If Eagles win-1.77%
Giantsvs.CowboysIf Giants win +1.47%If Cowboys win-1.45%
Chargersvs.RamsIf Chargers win +1.19%If Rams win-1.19%
Buccaneers@BearsIf Buccaneers win +0.70%If Bears win-0.76%
Broncosvs.DolphinsIf Broncos win +0.28%If Dolphins win-0.29%
Bengals@TexansIf Bengals win +0.22%If Texans win-0.22%
Coltsvs.JaguarsIf Colts win +0.12%If Jaguars win-0.16%

Week 13Impact on the Seahawks playoff chances
Seahawks@49ersIf Seahawks win +16.85%If 49ers win-16.77%
Patriots@PackersIf Patriots win +2.58%If Packers win-2.48%
Bears@LionsIf Bears win +1.67%If Lions win-1.64%
Raiders@RamsIf Raiders win +1.17%If Rams win-1.20%
Cowboysvs.EaglesIf Cowboys win +0.62%If Eagles win-0.54%
Panthers@VikingsIf Panthers win +0.46%If Vikings win-0.43%
Giants@JaguarsIf Giants win +0.19%If Jaguars win-0.20%
Billsvs.BrownsIf Bills win +0.14%If Browns win-0.11%
Chargers@RavensIf Chargers win +0.13%If Ravens win-0.15%
Coltsvs.RedskinsIf Colts win +0.12%If Redskins win-0.10%
Titans@TexansIf Titans win +0.12%If Texans win-0.12%